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EdgeFX 6.1.5 Released!

Date Published:4/11/2011 9:18:40 PM

EdgeFX 6.1.5 is now available to all EdgeFX customers, please contact your VS Sales Representative for the download link for this update. This minor revision includes several refinements to EdgeFX that will be beneficial to users and increase ease of use.

These features include:


  • Images can be applied to SmartRoom walls
  • Adjustable wall thickness
  • New properties including texture, elevation above floor, & transparency
  • Addition of on-scene label to indicate active floor level
  • Improved surfacing technique handles complicated floor plans
  • Dragging items into and within SmartRooms is now more intuitive
  • Auto-orientation to existing walls during drag  and drop

Drawing & Rendering

  • When a  polyline segment is selected on the drawing canvas, it  is now automatically highlighted in the properties grid
  • Dynamic adjustment of grip transparency improves usability
  • Grip size is now configurable as user preference
  • Improved dimension tool including support for vertical offsets


  • Current camera position  and orientation  is preserved after saving/loading a scene, and also upon the creation of a new scene
  • Addition of preview pane when attaching cameras to an object.

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